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Beginning of the Year Packets

Here you find a number of forms that need to be filled out to get your club’s program year going. The forms have been broken down into logical groupings, with explanations on a preliminary "cover sheet" for each part of the packet. This will make it easier for the Community Leader to distribute the packets to the individuals who are responsible for that part of the club’s functioning. We encourage you to delegate tasks to make your job much easier. Please do not hesitate to call the 4-H office at 463-4495 to help you through the process.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment Procedures Overview
Enrollment Fees (.doc)
Enrollment Payment Coupon (.doc)
Enrollment Payment Form
Accident Insurance (.doc)

Project Enrollment Process

Project Enrollments Overview (.doc)
CA 4-H 2009-10 Project List (.pdf)
List of Projects and Leaders (.doc)
Officer Roster (.doc)
Leader Roster (.doc)
Cross Clubbing Contract (.pdf)

Leader Certification Process

Leader Appointment Overview (.doc)
livescan form in pdf
4-H Livescan Proc (rev 10-14)

Facility Use Process

Facility Use Agreements Procedures (.doc)
Facilities Use Request Form (.pdf)
What can WE do for YOU (.doc) 

End of the Year Reports

With the end of the current 4-H year, mandatory reports must be submitted to the 4-H office by Friday, October 23, 2009.  These reports allow us to accept your club’s enrollment and for clubs to remain active and in good standing with the State Office.   Below, you will find several forms you will need to fill out for the end of the year information.

Instructions for completing the “year-end” are included in the Treasurer’s Manual and the Officer’s Manual.  For your convenience, we also include below a brief description of each report.  Of course, we am always available to offer help and support in the process of completing these reports. Please do not hesitate to phone if you have any questions.


The reports are due in the Ukiah Office or postmarked no later than Friday, October 23, 2009. We are required to send these mandatory reports to the State 4-H Office, so we absolutely must have them on time.  You can e-mail them to weparrish[at] or fax them to 707-463-4477.


The following information is divided by each report that needs to be completed. This allows for different leaders/parents to complete each part. Our goal is to share the work and not have one person overburdened.

End of the Year Reports Overview (.doc)

  • Annual Inventory Report (Form 6.2)a list of every item, piece of equipment, and supply that the club owns. We need to know the item’s description and its location (where it is stored). As your club acquires items (banners, flags, clippers, PA systems, etc.) add them to the inventory list.   A suggested inventory form and instructions are attached.  (This information is also located on page 18 and 22 in the Treasurer’s Manual.)
  • Annual Financial Report (Form 6.3) and Peer Review Checlisk (Form 8.6) : --> also located in the Treasurer’s Manual, Section 6 Finishing the Year, with forms on pages 23 and 31.
  • Bank Statement: This should be the one for the month occurring at the end of the program year -- August.
  • Outreach Documentation Report: describes your club’s efforts to recruit new members from your community, including under-represented groups to ensure equal access to 4-H’s educational benefits and rewards, regardless of physical or cultural differences.  If you'd like to see a sample of a completed form, e-mail weparrish[at] or call 463-4495.  (These forms can also be found in the Appendix of the Officer’s Manual.)
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