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Climate Smart Agriculture


The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) is pleased to be working with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to provide technical assistance for the CDFA's Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation (OEFI) on Climate Smart Ag Programs. UCCE- Mendocino County's Community Education Specialist, Britta Baskerville, will be working with several regional organizations to assist North Coast farmers with the process of applying for the Healthy Soils Program (HSP) and the Statewide Water Efficiency Enhancement Program (SWEEP). UCCE- Mendocino County's Dairy Advisor, Randi Black, will be assisting with the Dairy Digester Research & Development Program (DDRDP) and the Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP).











If you're a farmer or rancher seeking assistance, then these programs could be your next step! For more information, check out the CDFA website https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/oefi/, and be sure to utilize our Community Education Specialist who is here to help! The UCCE-Mendocino County office can be reached at: 

University Of California Cooperative Extension

890 N. Bush Street

Ukiah, CA 95482

707-463-4495 (office)

707-463-4477 (fax)

What is Climate Smart Agriculture?

Climate Smart Agriculture Blog
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