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The Grazers Gazette

A newsletter about livestock, pastures and rangeland.

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June 2012

FAQ - e. coli: good, bad & deadly
US Dept of Labor withdraws Minors Proposal
ASAS Series on Future of Hungar
Livestock Fencing Thoughts
USDA Launches Boxed Beef Dashboard

...and much more

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December 2011

CAFF Feasibility Study: Aggregation & Marketing Center for CA N. Coast
US Farm & Ranchers Alliance Survey
Source of CA Pasture Rental Rates
Economic Study rde: Market Share without an Animal ID/Traceability Program
Guard Dogs Relax Sheep
USDA Rangeland Conservation Practice Effectiveness Program
5 Facts about Proposed Child Labor in Ag Law

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August 2011

Interstate Shipment of State-Inspected Meat & Poultry
New CAST Paper Examines Agricultural Air Issues
USDA Launches Lamb & Pig Dashboards - Market Information
2011 Beef Quality Audit Underway, Producer Input Needed
New Animal Disease Traceability Rule Coming
Epigenetics on the Farm
Benefits of Grazing & Wildfire Risk
USDA Launches Food Hub Website to Get Products to Market

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May 2011

A Friend Supports UC Davis
Organic Agriculture Growing
Equine Herpes Virus
EPA Releases Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Sinks
Exciting News for Sheep Producers
CA Rangeland Survey Reminder

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March 2011

Understanding Market Cattle Terms, Fish Friendly Farming, Food Safety Modernization Act, and more

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November 2005 Fenceline weaning in beef cattle. 8/5/10 Download
Summer 2005 Fly Control for Beef Cattle-2005 8/5/10 Download
Winter 2005 Direct Marketing, Pricing & Profitability Strategies for Your Business 8/5/10 Download
March 2001 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy What is our risk in America? 8/5/10 Download
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