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Fire Restoration Practices and Support Services

UCCE, NRCS and the MFRIG have a fire recovery workshop on October 1, 2008.

Restoring the Landscape Following Fire Workshop

Other Forestry Workshops in California include:

Technical Help

The NRCS, Cal Fire and UCCE can provide on-site technical assistance for forest and range landowners affected by the Mendocino Fires.

Fire Restoration for Communities

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is working with MFRIG to address the immediate threats to watershed health and communities to safeguard affected lands following a natural disaster such as the Mendocino Lightning Fires.

Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitatiion (BAER) and Forest Area Resortation

Wildfires produce hydrologic conditions that are poor, surface runoff can increase over 70 percent and erosion can increase by three orders of magnitude. Three categories of treatments include hillslope, channel and road treatments.


List of Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) in Mendocino County

In California, the forester must be licensed to provide recommendations on forest management.

List will be provided soon

In California, range managers are certified by the Board of Forestry to provide guidance to rangeland management.


List of Suppliers for Erosion Control Materials and Seed

We have put together, based on our survey information, a list of seed and straw suppliers, and known erosion control materials.

List of Native Nurseries

These nurseries are primarily retail and wholesale, a few are wholesale only. Most are in Northern California, except for mail order sources and a few outstanding nurseries.

Potential Permits

Forest lands provide very important functions to our environment. Mendocino’s air, water, soil, vegetation, fish and wildlife resources are legally protected and many national, state and local agencies have permitting processes to protect them. If your restoration activities may potentially affect any of these resources, consult a professional for advice.



Financial Help

USDA Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

A cost share program for working landscapes that can address environmental damage, including reforestation, soil erosion control and water quality protection. A PDF description of the national EQIP program and a follow up document on local funding concerns.

Cal Fire California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP)

A cost share program for forest lands that addess slong-term forest management infrastructure that support society’s values of clean water, wildlife, fiber production and watershed protection (fuel management).

Tax Relief

Attached is the IRS circular on losses including timber loss considerations.

BOE Tax Relief

The Board of Equalization (BOE) declaration for emergency relief available for taxpayers affected by Mendocino County Fires.

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