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The Weed Science program, based out of the University of California Cooperative Extension- Napa County office, holds a wealth of weed related information and is a must visit if you are looking to learn more about control tactics or identification. You can also find some important links below:

UC Weed Science Blog
  • ageratina adenophora3
    Croftonweed or thoroughwort is expanding its range in Marin County

    Croftonweed (also called thoroughwort) goes by the scientific name Ageratina adenophora or Eupatorium adenophorum. It is native to Mexico and has been introduced to a number of areas around the...

    By Joseph DiTomaso
    Author - CE Weed Specialist
  • Australian weeds

    A little something Brad Hanson shared with us...   Australia town consumed by 'hairy panic' weed http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-35600546 This is to follow up on Guy's Russian thistle...

    By Gale Perez
    Posted by - Program Representative
Photo of John A Roncoroni
John A Roncoroni
Title: Weed Science Farm Advisor
Specialty: Weed Control and Vegetation Management in Perennial Crops, Covercrops and Aquatic Weed Control
UC Cooperative Extension
1710 Soscol Avenue
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Napa, CA 94559-1315
Phone: (707) 253-4221
Email: jaroncoroni@ucanr.edu

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