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When: June 26th-June 30th, 2023

Where: Mendocino Woodlands

Price: $200-Teen Staff & $250-Campers

What is it?: The Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp is a Teen Staff conducted, week-long camp filled with fun and exciting adventures that are sure to be remembered for years to com. During camp, campers will participate in daily educational workshops, campfire and other activities.
Some of the workshops that have been offered at camp have been: Archery, Shooting Sports, Hiking, Water Activities, Sports, Arts & Crafts, Low Ropes, photography and much much more!!

All 4-H Members:

9-13 years old: may participate in camp as a camper.
12-13 years old: have the opportunity to attend camp as a Counselor-In-Training.
14-18 years old: may attend camp as a Camp Counselor, Lead Counselor or Dean.
16–18 years old: may serve as a Camp Director or Ambassador.

How to sign up: Visit our Summer Camp page on the UCCE Mendocino 4-H Program website or email or call Jessica for the registration link at jfarfan@ucanr.edu and 707-510-9096.

The Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp is sure to bring exciting experiences, lifelong friends and the chance to learn fun new activities!

Mendocino Woodlands Camp info: http://mendocinowoodlands.org