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California Forest Stewardship Workshop
Contact: mjones@ucanr.edu
Sponsor: Mendocino County

California Forest Stewardship Workshop

Online beginning June 30 - August 25, 2022 and in-person Saturday, July 16th

Lake County, CA.


Join the workshop to better understand and protect your forests by developing a Forest Management Plan. Topics include:

•Forest management objectives and planning

•Forest health, insects and disease

•Forest and fire ecology, wildlife, watersheds

•Fuels reduction and forest resource marketing

•Mapping, inventory and silviculture

•Project development & permitting

•Getting professional help and cost-share opportunities


Participants will utilize online resources on their own time to complete learning modules and short activities. Zoom meetings with all participants and presenters will take place once a week on Thursdays, 6-7:30pm. The in-person field days will cover silviculture, forest inventory and mapping activities. Participants who complete the workshop will be eligible for a free site visit with a California Registered Professional Forester. 



Registration for all Forest Stewardship workshops is

available at:



Registration fee is $60.00.


For questions, contact Kim Ingram, kcingram@ucanr.edu