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The Adaptive Management Tours at JDSF: Research
Contact: mjones@ucanr.edu
Sponsor: Mendocino County

The concept of Adaptive Management has been around since the late 1970’s. It has been much debated and much improved, along the way gaining alternative names such as course correction, iteration, feedback loops, and complexity-aware design.

All of these names refer to a decision process that is both flexible and structured – one that relies on the processes of science but does not pretend certitude in the management of complex systems driven by uncertainty.

Join JDSF staff and local partners to learn and apply part of the “adaptive loop” together.

Registration: www.ucanr.edu/adapt

Each adaptive management tour will focus on a different aspect of JDSF management that has recieved renewed focus as part of CAL FIRES New Vision.

Restoration September 8th, 2023 -- 10am-2pm
Integrating the provision of large wood for restoration partners into sustainable timber harvests.

  - Lessons learned from the Hare Creek Project and how to apply them to the Camp 1 THP.

Research - November 3rd, 2023 -- 10am-2pm

Managing tree mortality and forest health during the reintroduction of fire to fire suppressed forests

  - Lessons learned from the 2022 Rx burn season as Parlin Camp and how to apply them to the Pyrosilviculture THP.

Recreation - December TBD, 2023 -- 10am-2pm

Minimizing impact to recreation from forest forest management activities.

  - Lessons learned from the 2020 408-adjacent trail closures and how to apply them to the Camp 1 Loop in the Redtail THP.