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Resources for THP Process in 2009

A workshop held in Ukiah on December 10, 2008 to assist Foresters and others interested in the protection policies associated with north coast forests.
Co-Sponsors - CalFire, The California Department of Fish and Game, California Geological Survey, The North Coast Regional Water Board and the U.C. Cooperative Extension.

The days objectives was to allow those engaged in timber harvest plan (THP) development to hear and discuss new rules, policies and science associated with the management of north coast forests for 2009.  The intent of the workshop was to deliver:

  • Current information on the THP process
  • improve understanding of each review teams agency's objectives and statutory directives
  • the role of Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) in the review process
  • discuss current science and policy information on emerging issues
  • provide a venue to discuss THP review issues with the review team agencies

The Power Point presentation that were delivered during the Ukiah workshop are provided here for future reference to questions and topics that were presented.  The topics include:

  • water quality basin plans
  • waste discharge requirements and waivers
  • non-point source policy
  • geologic disclosure in THPs
  • CGS standards of practice
  • geological case studies
  • scoping for biological issues
  • late seral habitats and habitat elements
  • cumulative impacts
  • NTMPs and coho rules
  • threatened and endangered species

The following Power Point presentations have all been converted to PDF formats.

Timber Harvest Plan Review Workshop
Scoping for Wild Life Issues
The Marbled Murrelet and Timber Harvest Planning in California
Assessment of Sensitive Plants in THPs
Late Seral-Habitat and Habitat Elements
Roles of the California Department of Fish & Game
Water Quality's Responsibilities and Authorities in a Nutshell
Guidance for Amending Timber Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreements
Writing Mitigation Measures and Implementing Recommendations
Cumulative Effects of Timber Operations on DFG Trust Resources
Department of Fist & Game Northern Region Conservation Planning - Contact List
Streambed Alteration Notification
DFG Guidance for submitting LSAA Amendment requests 12-15-2008