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Lenya N. Quinn-Davidson

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Area Fire Advisor
Humboldt County Office
5630 South Broadway
Eureka, CA, CA 95503
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Mendocino County


M.A. Social Science: Environment and Community, Humboldt State University. 2009
B.S. Conservation and Resource Studies, UC Berkeley. 2004


Fire Ecology and Management

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Peer Reviewed

  • Valachovic, Y.; Quinn-Davidson, L.N., et al. (2016). Can the California Forest Practice Rules Adapt to Address Conifer Encroachment? Proceedings of the Seventh California Oak Symposium: Managing Oak Woodlands in a Dynamic World.R. Standiford and K. Purcell. Albany, CA, USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station.: 515-520.
  • Eitzel, M.V.; Kelly, M., et al. (2016). "Challenges and opportunities in synthesizing historical geospatial data using statistical models." Ecological Informatics 31: 100-111.
  • Long, J.W.; Skinner, C.N., et al. (2014). Science Synthesis to Support Socioecological Resilience in the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade Range. Albany, CA, USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station.
  • Valachovic, Y.; Quinn-Davidson, L.N., et al. (2013). Novel approaches to SOD management in California wildlands: a case study of “eradication” and collaboration in Redwood Valley. Proceedings of the sudden oak death fifth science symposium.S. Frankel, J. Kliejunas, K. Palmieri and J. Alexander. Albany, CA, USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station.: 99-107.
  • Engber, Eamon; Varner, Morgan, et al. (2013). "Utility of an instantaneous moisture meter for duff moisture prediction in long-unburned longleaf pine ecosystems." Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 37(1): 13-17.
  • Quinn-Davidson, Lenya; Varner, Morgan (2012). "Impediments to prescribed fire across agency, landscape, and manager: An example from northern California." International Journal of Wildland Fire 21(3): 210-218.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Baker, J. Mark; Quinn-Davidson, Lenya (2011). Jobs and community in Humboldt County, CA. Human dimension of ecological restoration: integrating science, nature, and culture.D. Egan, E. Hjerpe and J. Abrams. Covelo, CA, Island Press.

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