New resources for integrated weed management in California rice

If you grow rice in California, you already know that effective weed management is not only essential for economical rice production, but also very challenging, complex, and regulated. The good news is that there is a new resource to help growers and pest control advisors with the prevention, monitoring, and control of the most common rice weeds in California. The University of California Integrated Pest Management (UC IPM) Pest Management Guidelines: Rice now includes a brand new weed management section!


The guidelines are authored and reviewed by University of California's advisors, specialists, and faculty to bring the latest university research on rice pest management into one easy-to-find place. The new Integrated Weed Management section shows how to effectively use early-season cultural controls like water management, land leveling, tillage, and crop rotation to reduce weed pressure on the young rice stand. This webpage also includes useful information on detecting and preventing herbicide resistance. Furthermore, the entire Pest Management Guidelines: Rice is now presented in a new mobile-friendly format, allowing easy access on the go. Use this information along with the table on Susceptibility of Weeds to Herbicide Control to help tailor the herbicide mixes and timing of applications to best match the problems in each individual field.

For more pest management information for other California crops, visit the UC IPM homepage.

By Kassim Al-Khatib
Author - Professor, Plant Sciences
By Gale Perez
Posted by - Public Education Specialist