Survey request re on-farm wildflower strips and conservation measures

Mar 25, 2024

A colleague and a graduate student at Cornell University are conducting a survey to assess grower attitudes towards establishing wildflower strips as part of conservation programs and asked me to share the survey link to broaden the response to include California growers.

From the Cornell team: We are conducting a survey on grower attitudes towards establishing wildflower strips. This survey is part of a project we are doing on using seed pellets to establish wildflower strips. The basic idea of the project is to put multiple small wildflower seeds into a seed pellet the size and shape of a field crop seed. These pellets could then be planted using standard grain drills/planters, significantly decreasing the labor required to establish wildflower strips. Here is a link to a recent paper published in Weed Science that another graduate student wrote on these seed pellets if you would like to learn more Multi-seed pellets and biodiversity

The survey will allow us to assess general interest in these sorts of pellets/plantings, and whether we can expect people to be generally receptive to the idea. I would really appreciate it if you could share this survey with your network of growers and stakeholders.


The link to the online survey is here:





By Bradley Hanson
Author - Cooperative Extension Specialist