Webinar on how pesticide labels may change to protect endangered species

Apr 3, 2024

Although many of you are already well aware of the upcoming changes to pesticide labels related to the Endangered Species Act, many are not. A quick background can be found in a Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) press release from last year (link here). You can also get a great deal of information from the WSSA web resource on the topic https://wssa.net/endangered-species/

Today I wanted to share a WSSA link to a webinar presentation "Endangered Species Act and Pesticides: an Example" made by Dr. Bill Chism who is the chair of the WSSA ESA Committee (I'm also on that committee).

Here's a direct link to the webinar at the New York State IPM YouTube Channel






WSSA ESA image

By Bradley Hanson
Author - Cooperative Extension Specialist