CWSS: Student Winners and Schlorship Opportunity!

CWSS: Student Winners and Schlorship Opportunity!


Students, it is the time of year to apply for the CWSS Student Scholarship! Awards will be given to both graduate and undergraduate students ranging from $1,000-2,000. Any students interested in Weed Science should apply! Click here to submit an application and for further instruction.


This year in January at the California Weed Science Society (CWSS) annual conference, we had numerous outstanding students present their recent research in the field of weed science. In total we had 12 students participate in the contest, but there is always room for more! If you know of any undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in weeds, I would encourage them to get involved with the CWSS. It is a great conference with many networking and learning opportunities. 


This year we had one winner in the undergraduate student poster contest.

  • 1st Place Undergraduate Student Poster - Sawyer William Claussen, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo (Steinmaus Lab) - Biannual Crop Rotation as an Effective Weed Management Method


For the Graduate Student Contest, the two prize winners were from UC Davis!

  • 1st Place Graduate Poster - Stephen Chang, UC Davis (Hanson Lab) - Evaluating the Effect of Endothall-treated Irrigation Water on California Crops
  • 2nd Place Graduate Poster - Erika Escalona, UC Davis (Fennimore Lab) - Evaluating Bacterial Diversity and Efficacy of Steam Fumigation Treatments in the Salinas Valley's Lettuce and Spinach Fields


Fresno State swept the oral competition this year!

  • 1st Place Graduate Paper - Robert Willmott, Fresno State University (Shrestha Lab) - Cover Crops Combined with Strip Tilling Reduces Herbicide Use in Silage Corn
  • 2nd Place Graduate Paper - Jennifer Valdez Herrera, Fresno State University (Shrestha Lab) - Developing an Integrated Management System for Common Chickweed (Stellaria media) Control in Small Grain Crops in the Central Valley


If you see any of these excellent students, make sure to give them a big congratulations! And encourage students you know to apply for the scholarship program!


By Thomas J Getts
Author - Weed Ecology & Cropping Systems Advisor