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Mendocino County has a rich and varied past, and the people here feel a strong connection to their history. For thousands of years Pomo, Yuki and other Native American tribes were nurtured by the natural resources of the forests, mountains, rivers and ocean.

In the 1800s, explorers and settlers began to arrive from Russia, China and Europe. Inland, the valleys hosted the northernmost Mexican ranchos. After the gold rush of 49, many would-be miners also established ranches inland. Today, cowboys celebrate their way of life at California’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo in Willits every Fourth of July.

Lumberjacks came from New England and timber drove the County’s economy for many years. The fishing industry grew and still plays a vital part in Mendocino County life.

Italians and Greeks moved north from San Francisco and found the ideal climate for growing wine grapes, fruit and olives. Our County still benefits from their bounty and organic grape growing and winemaking techniques, make Mendocino County America’s Greenest Wine Region TM.

Artifacts of our Native American, timber, fishing, agricultural, and cultural heritages can be discovered throughout the County, and are preserved in our many museums.
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Current News

North Bay Forest Improvement Program

A new forest management cost-share program


Mediterranean Oak Borer Pest Alert


Understanding the relationship between Fire and Dead Trees - A Literature Review


White Paper about Bishop pine on the Forestry and Wildlands Ecology page!


Ecological Assessment of Biomass Thinning in Coastal Forests, Now Online!


Mendocino County Meat Plant Study

Addendum to August 2013 Feasibility Study for Mendocino County Meat Plant


Grapevine Red Blotch Disease

Equine Herpesvirus Brochure

Meat Industry Capacity and Feasibility Study of the North Coast Region of California is also available under the Livestock & Natural Resource Management Program page.

U.S. Food Market Estimator
The U.S. Food Market Estimator is designed to help users determine the potential demand, by county in the United States, for more than 200 different food items.

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Wild Pig Survey
  • Another vaccine clinic available for Ag and others

    This is from Mendocino County:   Mendocino County Opens up COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility /// Condado de Mendocino abre la elegibilidad para vacuna COVID-19 Post Date: 03/02/2021 10:30 AM Starting March 1, 2021, Mendocino County Public Health will...

    By John M Harper
    Author - County Director Mendocino & Lake/Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor
ANR Blogs
  • Western FarmPress logo
    'Dry fallowing' ground may aid in weedy rice control

    From Western FarmPress The UC is suggesting practices that could help control spread of the wild rice type. Written by Todd Fitchette | Apr 20, 2021 California rice growers with troublesome patches of weedy rice, or red rice, may want to take...

    By Todd Fitchette
    By Gale Perez
    Posted by - Program Representative
  • 'It is generally best to work with the soil you have, rather than try to attain the soil you wish for,' according to Dustin Blakey, author of new publication on adjusting soil pH. (Photo: Evett Kilmartin)
    Adjusting soil pH in California gardens

    Soil acidity is an important factor for gardeners to consider when placing ornamental and edible plants in landscapes and vegetable gardens. It is possible to add amendments to the soil to adjust pH, but according to Dustin Blakey, UC Cooperative...

    By Jeannette E. Warnert
    Author - Communications Specialist
  • Trees like this mimosa tree require life-long care to survive. Photo by Annemiek Schilder
    Tree lovers invited to free webinars to learn proper tree-care

    While spring may not be the best time to plant shade trees, many people are inspired to plant trees as part of Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations. Millions of trees are planted every year in America and many of them perish after planting, according...

    By Pamela Kan-Rice
    Author - Assistant Director, News and Information Outreach
  • Hare Barley
    The many faces of foxtails

    From roadsides in the city of Fresno to the oak woodlands in nearby Sequoia National Park, annual barleys and bromes are going to seed. In addition to a variety of other grasses, I often hear landowners, weed managers, pet owners, and veterinary advice...

    By Rebecca Ozeran
    Author - Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor
  • Chickens perch and graze inside the tractor on a UC Davis research plot.
    Scientists to see whether chickens boost soil health, increase profits on organic vegetable farms

    Historically, chickens were not a rare sight on farms, where they contributed to soil fertility as they freely pecked and scratched around vegetable gardens and crop land. Now, UC Cooperative Extension specialists have launched a research project to...

    By Jeannette E. Warnert
    Author - Communications Specialist