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UCCE Mendocino 4-H Program

Who We Are
4-H is a non-profit, informal educational youth development program. At the national level, 4-H is directed by an assistant deputy director and a staff for 4-H and other youth programs in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In California, the 4-H program is conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension. In each county, local Extension staff are authorized to administer the program in accordance with policies set by the University of California System and the Cooperative Extension. At the club level, the Community Club Leaders and the project leaders are adult volunteers. These adults accept the responsibility of being a leader because they enjoy teaching and working with 4-H members. Junior leaders are members in the seventh through ninth grade who assist leaders in leading projects. Teen leaders are members in tenth grade or above who lead project groups with a leader present. 

What We Offer
The 4-H Youth Development Program offers many programs for youth throughout the country and some around the world. 4-H offers projects to enrich skills, meetings to encourage social development and participation within club activities, camps, conferences, trips, exchange programs, and many other events meant to benefit the youth who are involved in this program. This page offers examples of a few opportunities available in 4-H. For more information, please contact the UC Cooperative Extension at 463-4495.

The 4-H Motto: "To Make the Best Better" 

The 4-H Slogan: "Learn by Doing"

The 4-H Pledge
As a true 4-H member, I pledge: 
My Head to clearer thinking, 
My Heart to greater loyalty, 
My Hands to larger service, 
My Health to better living, 
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The 4-H Creed

I believe in 4-H for the opportunity it will give me to become a useful citizen. I believe in the training of my head for the power it will give me to think, plan, and reason. I believe in the training of my heart for the nobleness it will give me to become kind, sympathetic, and true. I believe in the training of my hands for the ability it will give me to become helpful, useful, and skillful. I believe in the training of my health for the strength it will give me to enjoy life, to resist disease, and to work efficiently. I believe in my country, my state, my community, and in my responsibility for their development. In all these things I believe, and I am willing to dedicate my efforts to their fulfillment.


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