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  • Mysterious mistletoe

    Added February 22, 2018

    To see dwarf mistletoe seeds is to experience them. These are not typical seeds that gently drop from a mature plant. Rather, they are explosive — forcibly ejected from their fruits at high rates of speed. I remember learning about this in college:...

  • UCCE to be a leader in climate change awareness and education

    Added February 21, 2018

    Reposted from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources news Although individual extreme weather events cannot yet be reliably linked to global climate change, the warming planet may be contributing to recent weather disasters in California. Across the...

  • When Wildfire Hits the Ranch: Lessons Learned from the Thomas Fire

    Added February 9, 2018

    Reposted from the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network blog Just as quickly as the Thomas Fire swept through parts of our community, the questions started flooding my office: Should we prune our burned avocado trees? Can I graze my cattle on...

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