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Fire season is upon us again, the purpose of this website to help with the restoration of land, protection of property, animal and human life.


The Mendocino Fire Recovery Information Group (MFRIG) is a group of local agencies, non-profits, conservation groups and individuals who have a mission to help people help the land. This group includes the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE), Mendocino County Fire Safe Council, Inland/Coastal Mendocino Cooperative Weed Management Area, Cal Fire, Mendocino Redwood Company, and citizens of Greenfield Ranch.

Due to Mendocino County's diverse landscape, people and situations, we have assembled a broad range of information you may need to start your recovery work to protect your resources.We compiled pertinent technical information, workshops, and expertise so you can make decisions on what you may need to do to protect your resources. The timeline is short as the fall season is approaching and additional fires and/or winter rains can cause severe damage to our natural resources.

The following web pages have centralized, somewhat localized sources of information, as well as announcements of upcoming workshops and exhibits. Please make use of these resources.

  • Page One: Defensible Space and Fire Safe Home: Information for homeowners and communities on defensible space, living in a fire prone landscape, fire prevention and protection.
  • Page Two: Natural Resource Issues and Concerns: Do's and Don't of restoration, fire recovery processes, sediment control, landslide hazards, soil, road and stream care.
  • Page Three: Forest and Fuel Management: Guidelines for fuel breaks, forest health, reforestation, regeneration, assessing tree damage and mortality and surveying for invasive plants.
  • Page Four: Fire Restoration Practices and Support Services: Recovery workshops, financial assistance, seed / straw specifications, lists of support services ie seed, erosion control supplies, foresters, contractors and other websites.
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