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California Oak Health


In April 2020, UC Cooperative Extension with support from Sonoma State University, Center for Environmental Inquiry hosted a California Oak Health workshop for oak enthusiasts, landowners, natural resource managers, and foresters to discuss issues faced by California’s native oak trees and oak woodlands. Topics included:

  • Conservation of Oregon white oak and Ca black oak woodlands
  • Sudden oak death and other Phytophthora problems in oaks and tanoak
  • Wildfire in tanoak and Ca black oak, blue oak, and interior live oak woodlands
  • A new, non-native beetle threat to valley oaks


Below you will find the recorded presentations from the workshop grouped by topic and in the order in which they were discussed during the live Q&A Session. Any resources the specialists recommended are listed with their corresponding talk. Additional oak resources are posted below the videos.

Workshop Presentations

*Note: If you are having issues with video playback or have bandwidth limitations, you can try reducing video resolution in YouTube by selecting Settings (gear icon) below each video and adjusting the resolution.

Webinar Q&A

This is the recording of the Q&A Webinar hosted on April 21st, 2020

Welcome and Intro

Kerry's e-mail: kwininger@ucanr.edu

Kerry Wininger -UCCE Sonoma & SSU Center for Environmental Inquiry


Oak woodland conservation and fire

Oak woodlands restoration: New research & management options

Yana Valachovic - UCCE Forest Advisor, Humboldt-Del Norte Counties & Ca Fire Science Consortium

Permit Decision Tree 2019

Oak woodlands and fire

Michael Jones - UCCE Forest Advisor, Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma Counties


Oak Diseases

Sudden oak death

Chris Lee - Cal Fire Forest Health Specialist

Root-rotting Phytophthora species

Ted Swiecki - Phytosphere Research

Supplemental info on Phytophthora root rot


Oak Insect Pests

Mediterranean oak borer

Akif Eskalen - UCCE Plant Pathology Specialist