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Who doesn't love to Fundraise?! 

Below are the steps to properly submit a:

Fundraising Approval Form 

Facilities Use Request Form

Mendocino County 4-H Fundraiser Summary Form


Fundraising Approval Form and Facilities Use Request Form

Fundraising Approval Form 

  • Should always have a Community Club Leader's signature in the 4-H Adult Volunteer portion
  • If Club President is unavailable to sign, the Project leader in charge may sign instead. 
  • Please submit completed form at least 2 weeks in advance
  • You can see an example of a completed one here


Facilities Use Request Form 2018 

  • Should always be submitted if the fundraising event is located at a business. 

*Easiest way to determine if this form is necessary is to ask yourself: Am I on someone else's property?

For example, having a booth inside a Tractor Supply store or car wash inside the warehouse of a business.

If that is a yes, proof of insurance needs to be provided by the other party. Turn in this form along with the facilities Contract or Application, filled out but NOT SIGNED. If the facility does not have a Contract or Application, you must ask them for a copy of their Liability Coverage. This can be found on the Declaration Page of their insurance.  


Post Fundraising Form

Mendocino County 4-H Fundraiser Summary Form

  • Must be turned in no later than 2 weeks post fundraising event. 
  • If your Club only has 1 Community Club Leader, you may seek your second signature from a Project Leader or your Community Program Rep (Jessica Farfan) 


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