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4-H COVID-19 Protocols

Mask wearing aug 21

Last Updated: 8/2021

Dear 4-H Volunteers and Leaders,

The UC ANR safety standards relating to reopening and engaging in-person are aligned with the State of California.

The Basic Safety Standards guidelines apply to all in-person 4-H meetings and events. Please note that the guidelines have been updated to reflect the following change:

For indoor activities, EVERYONE must wear a face mask

  1. Basic Safety Standards (Aug 2021) - UC ANR Basic Safety Standards that must be followed for all in-person activities. These standards are minimum requirements for conducting in-person 4-H activities.

  2. The 4-H Safety Protocol Checklist (Aug 2021) should be completed by 4-H Adult Volunteers two weeks prior to hosting in-person meetings. This checklist helps to prepare and meet requirements for in-person 4-H programming and activities.

  3. Planning Strategies for In-person Meetings (Aug 2021) - this document gives meeting planners tips and ideas when planning in-person meetings.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions (Jun 2021) - Frequently asked questions regarding in-person guidelines

  5. Strategies to reduce in-person meeting size


The meeting leader should download and print the following meeting resource items:

  1. Symptom Survey - Display at entrance to meeting.
  2. Attendance Log
  3. Procedures for 4-H Meetings during COVID-19 (Aug 2021) - Display this poster in the meeting.
  4. Face mask signage (PDF-3pages) NOTE: you may have to adjust your print settings to "Adjust to Fit" to print on letter sized paper.
    1. Masks required for all persons
    2. Masks required for unvaccinated persons
Last Updated: August 3rd, 2021