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Project Proficiencies

Project Proficiency Information Sheet [July 2021]

(Project Proficiencies are not required; they are purely voluntary)

Club Proficiency Application List [Due April 30th]

Application List PDF VERSION

Club Proficiency Completion List [Due August 15th]

Completion List PDF VERSION


In an attempt to recognize more 4-H members for their project efforts, Mendocino County 4-H offers a Project Proficiency Program. This program is designed to commend members for the knowledge and skills they learn during the course of their projects. There are three or four levels of competency for most projects. The terms used are usually Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced or by number

Level One, Level Two, etc.

Each member must complete at least 80% of the required guidelines and obtain the Project

Proficiency record with their project leader’s signature.



A 4-H member can obtain as many proficiencies as they are able to complete per 4-H calendar year.

All 4-H members must report intent to complete the proficiency by the date set by their club as well as

report the completion of the proficiency by the date set by the their club. All reporting is done on a club basis. All clubs must have their lists turned in by the deadline set by Mendocino County 4-H Council.

[Mendocino County Council- July 10th, 2021]


Proficiency levels are judged 100% on the knowledge or skill demonstrated by the member. A member should show progress in development during the course of the project. Progress should be in relationship to 1) member’s ability and 2) size or scope of project knowledge.

Members will not be allowed to add projects in the Proficiency Program after the enrollment has closed, they will only be considered for the level they have signed up for.


A member wishing to achieve a project proficiency level has the responsibility to make it known to the project leader. Clubs may have different mechanisms regarding the collection of names of proficiency applicants. Please contact your Community Leader or designated leader to find out how your club handles turning in the record of names to the County Office. The Community Leader or designated leader then turns the Club Records in to the 4-H office by the April 30 deadline. Members work on guidelines at their own speed. You will be evaluated on your selected project by your individual project leader. Each club’s designated leader will turn in the list of those who completed proficiencies to the 4-H office by August 15 deadline. Members receive medal(s) they have earned during the club’s awards program.



To maintain a balance between learning about projects and competing for awards. This program provided the Mendocino County 4-H Council with a method of recognizing 4-H members for their accomplishments. Project Proficiencies also allow members to be recognized for their individual accomplishments. Completed proficiencies also help strengthen record books

Presentation Proficiency Program

This program allows members to be recognized for their individual accomplishments. Project Proficiency is a way to develop your skills and project information base. If a member completes a Proficiency level they should record their achievement under “Honors and Recognition” on their Personal Development Report Form in their Record Book. Any member who has given a presentation at County Presentation Day is eligible to participate in the Presentation Proficiency Program (whether they received a gold award or not), including Primary members.  Does not include Share the Fun, Cultural Arts or Impromptu Presentations. 


  1. To give 4-H members opportunities to share with others what they have learned in 4-H
  2. To recognize 4-H members who give presentations for various groups, thereby increasing their proficiency in making public presentations.
  3. To promote 4-H within our communities.


  1. GIVE A PRESENTATION AT COUNTY PRESENTATION DAY.  This is a requirement because the presentation will be judged (with the exception of Primary presentations) and all members receive feedback.
  • At least 2 of these must be given to non-4-H groups (service clubs, schools, etc.)
  • 3 of these may be given to 4-H groups (Sectional and/or State Presentation Day, club meetings, project meetings, etc.) as long as there are at least five or more people present. 


After each presentation, have an authorized adult (preferably not your parent) sign and date the Application for Presentation Proficiency. When you have completed 5 presentations (as outlined above) submit the application to your club leader for their signature of approval. Sign the application and send it to the 4-H Office by 5PM on August 15th.  Late applications will not be accepted. 

AWARDS: Appropriate medals will be awarded at the Annual Achievement Event held in the fall each year.